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About OPI (Official Poker, Inc.)

Our mission is simply to teach the flashy side of the game, provide tips, showcase quality products and give support to the rapidly growing recreational poker playing community! With a team from all aspects of business, magic and poker, OPI is determined to provide the clearest instructional DVD's to ever hit the market. With the only comprehensive "Video Encyclopedia" and learning resource, we believe the Official Poker DVD Series is an invaluable collection of tools for any ages and skill level!

-Official Poker SUPPORT TEAM-

The Talent-
Rich Ferguson is a columnist for Bluff Magazine covering tips and tricks. He is also an Award Winning Magicianm and Poker Player. Visit Rich Ferguson is recognized as the authority in the poker and magic community with cards, coins, and poker chips. Rich has been awarded many prestigious awards like the Gold Medal for his magic by the Academy of Magical Arts-The Magic Castle, The 40 Under 40 Business Excellence Award and the Everest Award for personal achievement and business excellence.

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Distribution Partners-
VAS has numerous Distribution Partners including WEA (Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic), Xtreme, Warner to get the reach of our DVDs to every corner of the world!

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-Special Thanks and Additional Support-

Gambling Consultants-
In addition to Rich Ferguson (mentioned above), OPI is lucky enough to know Jason England who is the foremost authority on magic and poker today. (Seen here consulting World Champion Magician Jonathan Pendragon at Rich's "mansion") He has been a consultant to practically every major household name as well as a consultant to directors in movies such as SHADE. You might recognize Jason from Court TV's hit show TakeDown. Jason's knowledge is not matched by any when it comes to many things, especially poker and magic, and that is why we brought his talents to our OPI team!

BLUFF Media-
Eric Morris, Publisher/President, Bluff Media has sought our talents as authorities on stunts for a columns in Bluff Magazine.
visit, and show your support to a great poker company.

Aspect Media Factory-
Aspect Media Factory is a state of the art facility where high quality commercials, movies, promos and more are created by a fantastic, creative and supportive team of individuals. We want to support them and show our thanks for letting us use there location to film our high quality DVDs! For more information, check out Aspect Media Factory.

VAS Entertainment- "Video Action Sports"-
VAS "Presents" The Official Poker Card and Chip Handling DVD Series.

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