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Card Stunts DVD

Contents: (Star rating - Easy*, Fairly Easy**, Practice***, Takes lots of Practice****)

*Top turnover:
*under turnover:
**deck Turnover:
*barndoors: Rich Ferguson,
**why flip: Rich Ferguson,
***snap change:
**pocket turn:
**explosion: as seen in "Shade"
***whirls -single hand:
***whirls -both hands:
***into air:
**psych twirl:
**Montecito bowed down: Rich Ferguson,
**Montecito bowed up: Rich Ferguson,
***palm change: Rich Ferguson,
***basic: Rich Ferguson,
***face plam change: Rich Ferguson,
**Spring Set: John Cornelius
**Spring Set on Turn:
***Spring Set on River:
**Flippant: Looy Simonoff
**Flippant -one card: Looy Simonoff
***Flippant -multiple cards: Rich Ferguson, Looy Simonoff
**throw buckle:
**toss buckle: Rich Ferguson,
**antigravity buckle: Rich Ferguson
**Slide turn:
**slide change:
***two card boomerang:
**Osos Toss: Tenkai Palm, Rich Ferguson
**card throwing:
**deal throwing:
***jay grip: Ricky Jay
**pinch: Rich Ferguson,
**Diamond toss: Rich Ferguson
**Pivot: Rich Ferguson, Jason England
**Pivt Toss: Jason England
*two card shuffle:
*standard two card shuffle:
*two finger shuffle:
**endless shuffle: Emsley

Bonus Chip Tricks: (Dealing Stunts):
***Boomerang Deal:
**pinky deal: Rich Ferguson,

Card Stunts DVD: Master card throwing, spinning cards on your fingers, switching cards, shooting cards high into the air and a HUGE variety of techniques with those pocket cards you'll muck or need to turn over in Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, etc. Also, a fantastic collection of stunts for any card magician.


• Shot entirely with Steadicam Technology for Movie Like Footage! No boring tripod or handheld "instructional video" look
• You'll see Overhead Shots, Super Close-ups and "Your Perspective" shots which make learning fun and easy
• All Ages and Skill Levels can begin learning immidiately with Basic and Expert Level Lessons
• Filmed inside state of the art studio for Quality Lighting and Shots
• Instructed by Award Winning Chip and Card Authority and Poker Columnist Rich Ferguson
• Most Comprehensive DVD Series, period! DON'T be fooled by cheap copycats
• Over 170 lessons in 4 DVD Set. (Can be purchased individually.)
• World Wide Compatibility - Region Free DVDs
• XBox, PSP, DVD Game System and DVD Drive Computer Compatible
• Motion Menu Previews with Star Rating System
• An incredible Encyclopedic Collection for any Poker Enthusiast, Magician or Card Game Player of any type
• We are a Verified Merchant for your shopping Safety and have a Secure Shopping Cart

DVD Operation Features:

• The Main Menu lets you jump to other special features including the opening preview
• Motion Menus let you "preview" several tricks at the same time so you can choose your next trick easily
• "Trick List" option lets you see the entire list of tricks so you can jump to the trick you want fast
• Our Original "Star Rating" System shows you how difficult or easy a trick is to master. *(easy) to ****(advanced)

Click for a larger picture of DVD Covers: Chip Tricks Card StuntsShuffles & CutsFlourishes