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Official Poker, Inc releases 4-of-a-Kind Poker DVD Series

Official Poker Inc. Completes Card Handling Series.

(PRWEB) October 11, 2005 -- Featured by Bluff magazine at this years 1st ever Poker Lifestyles trade show, Official Poker Inc. has added a 3rd and 4th DVD to their now complete and comprehensive series on card and chip handling. If the dark sunglasses and visor are giving you a headache at the poker table, perhaps its time to add some real flare to your game by improving your card handling skills.

Shuffles and Cuts and Flourishes completes Official Poker, Inc's 4 DVD series. The Series adds more than 100 deck handling moves for poker players and card playing enthusiasts of all ages -- and all skill levels. Hosted by Rich Ferguson, Bluff columnist and award-winning magician, the newest instructional videos use a star rating system helping you to gauge your own progress while ranking the difficulty of the technique demonstrated. Ferguson’s language is clear and concise and more importantly, the camera close-ups allow you to follow every card snap of Ferguson’s fingers.

Ferguson said of the videos, “This series will bring eye candy to anyone’s game. The key subtitles and advice on card manipulation would take years for a player to gather.” Ferguson continues, “In Shuffles and Cuts alone there is over 50 skills and 10 of those are original sleight of hand moves I’ve created.”

If you lack a “poker face” or your “tells” have all been told, it’s time for you to learn some new behaviors to impress and intimidate at the card table. Pick-up this series before your opponent does. Check OPI’s website for a 4-set deal or check your favorite poker distributor.