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Poker DVD Pair is Better than Pocket Aces

Picked as the best quality DVD to hit the poker and magic community!

(PRWEB) May 16, 2005 -- Buckles, snaps, boomerangs and slides are among the 40 plus card stunts and tricks you can learn from watching Official Poker Inc.’s "Card Stunts DVD", a companion to the best selling "Chip Tricks DVD."

Award winning magician and monthly Bluff columnist Rich Ferguson is again our host for an up close and revealing look at sleight of hand maneuvers that are sure to impress card dealers, friends and opponents alike.

"You may have mastered the skill of reading others but poker players are also reading you," warns Ferguson. "Card stunts and chip tricks impress, distract and intimidate players giving even a novice a game advantage."

With a plethora of "Texas Hold’em strategy" books and an ever-expanding array of "inside secrets of the pros", this DVD pair gives you interactive instruction and skills you can implement now. Picked as the best quality DVD to hit the poker and magic community, Ferguson exposes many of his most guarded card techniques to psych out opponents.

Ferguson adds, "You can live vicariously or you can polish your own poker strategy to include legal and appropriate card stunts."    
For a preview, please visit Rich Ferguson's site