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Official Poker Inc. (OPI) Announces World’s First Poker Chip Tricks DVD.

Official Poker Inc. (OPI) Announces World’s First Poker Chip Tricks DVD. Official Poker, Inc. was established in 2004 by a group of poker players and consultants, magicians, product specialists and entrepreneurs with a mission to teach the flashy side of the game, provide tips, showcase quality products and give support to the rapidly growing recreational poker playing community.

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2005 -- In the first of its kind DVD, multiple business award winner and Guinness world record holder Rich Ferguson brings his unique talents and skills to poker players in the Chip Tricks DVD. This is the first in a series of DVDs currently in production by OPI, with more due out later this year.

Long time San Luis Obispo resident and honored entertainer Rich Ferguson stars in a series of DVD’s about the flashier side of poker. As a regular columnist in Bluff Magazine, Rich has traveled all over the world, winning awards for his skills as a magician and as a card player. In his travels, Rich constantly impressed people with his tricks, yet was unable to find a resource for people to learn at their own pace. For the team at OPI, focusing on this aspect of the game was a no brainier.

"Poker is the fastest growing sport in the world. Players should be able to express themselves and make a statement. If basketball players get to do trick shots, the why can’t poker players do tricks with their chips" announced Ferguson. In the Chip Tricks DVD, budding experts can learn how to do original tricks, including the anti-gravity, where a chip appears to defy gravity as it floats from one hand to the other. Previously, players had to read difficult text and view grainy images to try and learn a complicated stunt. With the Chip Tricks DVD, players can practice at their own pace with guided instructions. Viewers will appreciate that the footage was all shot using digital steadicams, providing a unique angle that lets you see the trick from a behind the eye perspective in high definition.

Currently, the OPI team is hard at work on production of the next DVD in the series, Card Stunts. Due out in the Spring of 2005, Card Stunts will feature dozens of stunts featuring only the two cards a player receives in a hand of Texas Hold’em poker. Look for Rich’s column in Bluff magazine which is available at your local newsstand.

For additional information and to obtain a copy of the DVD please contact Rich Ferguson at (866) Intrigue or email e-mail protected from spam bots.

Copies of the Chip Tricks DVD can be purchased for $29.95 at