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Official Poker, Inc. releases Poker Chip and Card Handling 4-DVD Gift Box Set

The perfect gift idea for all ages and skill levels has been released by Official Poker, Inc. With card games, poker and magic at an all time interest, there is finally a DVD series that teaches everyday people everything imaginable with chips and cards. The Official Poker Chip and Card Handling DVD Series is now available in a "Special Players Edition" Box Set.

As most are well aware, Texas Hold-em, Blackjack, magic and recreational card games are very popular this year. Although marketed toward the enormous recreational poker community, these DVD are, in fact, ideal for anybody. In a first ever encyclopedia of card and chip handling techniques, viewers will learn endless techniques from every way to shuffle cards and roll poker chips to making card spin and fly in the air. Also, they will learn all those flashy ways of revealing cards and looking "pro" at their next card game. For those serious about cards, there are many advanced techniques as well.

The Official Poker DVDs do not teach gambling or cheating, only exciting skills with cards and chips. The series is packed with nearly 200 lessons for kids or adults of any interest and skill levels. Already a best selling series, watchers will be pleasantly surprised with superb filming, overhead shots, close-ups, multiple angles, star rating difficulty system, interactive menus and more. The DVDs are hosted by award winning magician, A-list entertainer, poker columnist and spokesperson, Rich Ferguson. (More about Rich at

The Official Poker Chip and Card Handling DVD Series - "Teaching You the Flashy Side of the Game!" Following are descriptions directly from the Box Set back cover:

Vol 1 - Chip Tricks DVD: Learn how to show off, toss, spin, shuffle, bounce, play and impress with your poker chips! This Chip Tricks DVD comes with over 70 tricks!

Vol 2 - Card Stunts DVD: Master card throwing, spinning cards on your fingers, switching cards, shooting cards high in to the air, revealing cards and discarding cards. Learn a huge variety of techniques with those pocket cards you'll muck or need to turn over in Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, etc. Over 40 stunts to use anytime you want to look pro!

Vol 3 - Shuffles and Cuts DVD: When having your next home game, you wont look like an amateur trying to shuffle with these easy to master collection of shuffles from around the world! For those who really want to intimidate, learn one-handed riffle shuffles and multiple one handed cuts! Look better than any dealer or magician with 50 amazing skills.

Vol 4 - Flourishes DVD: Spread the cards across the table, make awesome fans, spring cards from hand to hand and much more! Impress the table with the fancy deck handling skills known by dealers and magicians.

Just in time for the holidays, the Box Set is half the price of the individual DVDs. At only $39.99, the four DVDs are a fantastic deal for all. Wholesale inquiries and interviews welcomed.

The Official Poker DVDs are distributed by VAS/ WEA/ Warner/ and Official Poker and are available in stores worldwide or directly through for $39.99 for the full Four DVD Set.